1200DNR Winter Combo Rugs Waterproof/Breathable.

1200DNR Winter Combo Rugs Waterproof/Breathable.

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1200DNR Winter Combos in a variety of Colours and sizes

Images of rug only - these have neck rugs attached

330gm Fill


Tail Flap

These rug have not be correctly made, hoods were sewn to a standard rug, and thus do not fit properly around the neck line, thus they are below our quality standard; even though the material is of excellent quality.
That is why we offer than at below cost.
The photos show the rugs without the hoods attached.
With the hoods removed they are still a excellent buy.
Hoods can be easily removed, they are stitched at about 6 spots.

Not all colours listed are available 

 No refunds or returns.


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